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Desi Maria Carter American entrepreneuer, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Dear Nephria Co,

My name is Desi Carter and I had the opportunity to try your beauty bar in September of this year. It was given to me by a male friend. I absolutely love this beauty bar. It is bar far the best that I've every used. While I used the product, {which I used down to the very last skinny, My skin felt and looked better than it had in many years. I also received many compliments on my skin. I just wanted to tell you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating this wonderful product. I am looking forward to ordering more in the very near future. Also if you need agents in this area, I am very interested in business opportunities with your company. This product completely sales itself {Love at first use}.

Claire Smith - CNN, Sky Travel and Sky Sports ""Commentator of the Year"". Co-host of the 50th Miss World Show.

Dear Andrew

Thank you for the Jade Beauty Bar. I have tried it and it is really lovely. I wish you every success and will certainly recommend it to the make up departments at Sky.

Kind Regards,

Claire Smith

Marie Diamond - Feng Shui Master and Teacher featured in the hit movie and best selling book 'The Secret'.

Since I started using the Jade Beauty Bar, my skin looks more radiant than ever. People have commented that I look so much younger. Using Jade Beauty Bar every morning in my shower is something I look forward too. The pure smell, the soft experience and the radiance after my shower, gives me a great start to be successful in the world and share my vision.

The Law of attraction put Nephria on my path and I am very grateful for it.

Marie Diamond

Dr Letitia S Wright DC, Host of the Wright Place TV Show, Los Angeles, California

I really love Nephria, its clean smell and special jade leaves my skin softer after bathing.
At a bridal shower, my friend said 'Your skin is so soft! What are you doing?'
I said 'Nephria!' By the way, my dad loves it too!

Jay Picton, Rock Star and his partner Vikki, TV celebrity.

Vikki and I would like to thank you and Charlotte for our Jade Bars!! ........ Absolutely fantastic!! We use the Bar everyday without fail now, although I will say we are going to have to order a couple more because the 2nd bar is now wearing thin!!

I have to say without sounding soft but my skin is incredibly soft!!! Rest assured we are both going to tell the World how good 'Nephria' is!!

Beth McCulloch, Edinburgh

My mum received one and told me how great it has been for her skin after only 1week.

Glen Brackenridge, Actor, Hollywood, Los Angeles

My girlfriend and I LOVE your Beauty Bar! We weren't sure where they are selling them so she made me cut the Bar in half and take half over to her new apartment! I told my girlfriend how nice you guys were so she's been trying to spread the word for you. She's a pop singer who is working on her debut album and she's been talking about your soap to all the make-up people and any of the back-up dancers in her video and anyone that she ends up talking skin care to. I think that if you have the opportunity to help someone, and especially if it's a product you believe in (and more importantly a person you actually like!), then it's your duty to do what you can. So no worries, Andrew, my girlfriend and I are here on the case! Good luck with the launch of the rest of your products.

Meryl Cubley, Freelance Journalist, Editor, Writer, Wales

As a freelance journalist part of my job is to test new products on the market that reflect what women want today. Not only have my dealings with Newbert Revolution been second to none, but their product is without doubt, the best I have tried in years. My skin is in amazing shape (quite a feat for an overworked journalist who enjoys wine and cigarettes) and I have received many compliments since using the Beauty Bar. Beauticians and make up artists alike have commented on the amazing texture of my skin and I can state categorically this has only been since using the Beauty Bar. Lines and wrinkles are less noticeable, acne spots have disappeared and I am literally glowing with health. How do they do it? The jade is the secret, and I for one cannot wait for the launch of the full product range this Autumn. A truly fabulous product.

Mrs Blackhurst, Preston, UK

With 23 years as a Beauty Therapist in Beauty and Skin Care, I have tested most Beauty Products. My Jade Beauty Bar sat for 2 weeks until I finished my previous, extortionately expensive cleansing bar. I opened by Jade Beauty Bar and used what to me was a 'simple bar of soap'. My skin tone and texture changed immediately and the more I used it the better my skin looked.

There is no false promise, no disappointment and no waiting 30 days for change. Just try it; it is the best Beauty Product on the market by miles. Its lasts longer than other brands and doesn't cost the earth!

Ms Rebecca Ahmed, Woman and Home, Senior Sales Executive, London, UK

I started using the Jade Beauty Bar a few months ago and the difference is tremendous. After three weeks I started to notice that my skin looked smoother and soon after that I stopped having to use my moisturiser.

That was good enough for me, but then my friends started commenting on how much brighter and 'awake' my skin looked - suffice to say I've recommended it to them all!

Mrs Woodburn, Lancashire, UK

After 14 years of HRT, my doctor decided enough was enough. My complexion rapidly deteriorated and my skin lost the benefits of HRT. I decided to try the Jade Beauty Bar. Within 10 days, my skin regained the glow and recovered completely. I cannot thank Newbert Revolution enough. A friend asked if I had had a face lift. I am a 67 year old grandmother and am proud to say my age is often doubted and I feel wonderful again.

Mr Andrew Sharp, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

I have never really had bad skin, although I did suffer from dry patches on my chin after shaving, which I used to resolve with expensive moisturisers. Since using the Jade Beauty Bar the dryness has gone and I am saving money by not using the various creams. The lather does not tighten my skin uncomfortably like many other products, but leaves my face feeling clean, refreshed and smooth. My bar of Nephria is used daily and will last for a while yet. I would recommend this product to anybody who likes an effective cleansing routine, leaving the skin reinvigorated.

Mrs Garratt, Lancashire, UK

After using the Jade Beauty Bar for a month, I am delighted with the improved texture of my skin. It now feels so soft and smooth. The Bar is really creamy and a pleasure to use? In fact, I actually look forward to washing my face.

Mr Paul Hart, Plymouth Devon, UK

As a young man, I suffered severely with acne, the effects of which were hugely damaging to my skin and to my social confidence. The problems did not disappear as I grew older, resulting in oily or dry and flaky skin as a result of using various cleansing products. Nothing I tried provided the gentle cleansing I needed without creating the alternative problems of allergic reaction. To make matters worse, years of exposure to extreme ranges of temperature and the ravishing effects of high levels of UV light led to burst blood capillaries in my cheeks, giving me a worn and haggard complexion.

Then I discovered your Jade Beauty Bar and after only a short period of use my skin has never felt better. I have noticed a much firmer elasticity to my skin texture and I no longer suffer with spots and pimples. The blackheads and the dryness have disappeared and there has even been a marked reduction in the appearance of the broken blood vessels in my face. My skin looks and feels much younger and I am filled with greater confidence. Without any hesitation, I put this remarkable change in my circumstances down to your superb product. I am recommending your Bar to all my colleagues and fellow adventurers, since they also show the ravages of exposure to the elements.

My wife has also become an ardent supporter of the Beauty Bar. She has always had beautiful skin, which is why the results have been so much more dramatic with her. Since using the Bar she feels her skin is totally rejuvenated every time she washes and that all of the dryness associated with the products she used to use to remove her make-up has disappeared. On behalf of both of us, I recommend your product to anyone, irrespective of their current skin condition, on the basis of the absolutely amazing results it provides.

Elizabeth Falconer

Hi Charlotte

Many thanks indeed for sending my order so quickly.

I absolutely love it!!!! Think it will also save me a fortune on products!

My skin looks better already and, thankfully, does not feel tight!
I only use mineral make up and it seems to take this off with just one application.

Kath Desborough

I have been using this beauty bar now for approximately 6 weeks - it is absolutely gorgeous. Was very sceptical of claims that skin would look better but it really does seem to work and there is no tightening of skin as is experienced with other so call beauty bars. Very economical too, it doesn't go soft like other bars and a little goes a long way. Expect a Christmas order from me for my daughters, daughters in law and sister for Christmas. I am hooked

Lilani Lampa, Sephora Store Manager, Los Angeles

Dear Andrew & Charlotte,

I have been using the Beauty Bar for three weeks now & I absolutely love it! At first, I was slightly reluctant to try it. I stopped using bar soaps over a decade ago & cringe at the thought of using one. They normally dry out my skin & leave me feeling uncomfortable all day long. The Beauty Bar has done the complete opposite. I can't remember the last time my skin was so soft & smooth! Sometimes I roll up my sleeve in the middle of the day just to feel the softness! Wonderful product!!!

Best of luck!


Margaret Stenning

I have not used soap for 40 years my age is 60 reading about your soap thought just give this a try maybe for my vanity, well it is really great I have always had a skin allergy on my body attend hospital once and was put on steroid cream and was told it was because in my life I had a trauma and my body coped this way. Well in a month my skin is just great and would like to say thanks and just wish I could find it nearer.

Best wishes, Margaret Stenning

Peter Foldy, Los Angeles, California

I've been using the Jade Beauty Bar for about a week now and I love the experience. You have a wonderful product.

Andrea West, Plymouth, UK

Hi Charlotte,

Wow! Things are really on the up, how fantastic; I am really pleased for you.
Since using Nephria, I and my daughter's skin has benefited in so many ways. I am a 42 year old Beauty Therapist / Alternative Health Therapist, who has really looked after my skin however I have travelled and worked in hot climates and very cold climates and I ski and surf etc, so my skin has had the elements to it a great deal! But my skin has had signs of reversal of sun damage, and elasticity has bounced back and I use it all over my body. My skin seems to have more resilience, and I am getting more of an even tan this year like I used to when I was younger.

My daughter, who is 11 years old, has just started to go through her oily stage, bless her. But since using the soap it's under control and the few scars that were apparent have faded considerably and her confidence has soared.

I have also been using it on my 4 year old in her bath and she never has any rashy ailments and her skin I feel will have an extra head- start in life!

Miss N Pearce, Liverpool, UK

I have bought Nephria regularly for months now - it has cured my acne, which was very severe. I have also recommended it to all my friends. I have to say thank you - this soap has saved my life (and my self-esteem!)

Ms S Akhtar

Having bought the Nephria beauty bar recently and having been extremely impressed, am keen now to try other products in the range. Please update as to launch of any forthcoming products.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Jean Dick

Hi Charlotte.

I ordered a Nephria bar for myself last week. I lent one of mine (to try) to our sheltered flat warden as she has problem skin. Sue came in this morning with a £20 note and a big smile and asked me to order one for her. Of course I gave her my new one so would like to order another one for me

Best wishes,


K Briggs

Just started using the jade beauty bar this week. I am very impressed, have tried a vast amount of products over the years and have been disappointed with most. Incredibly my skin already looks and feels better with this beauty bar! Please - when will the new products be available?

Emma Burgess

I absolutely love your soap and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin since I started using it a few months ago. I am in desperate need of a new face cream and wondered how much longer it will be before the new skin cream is available to buy?

Grace Hogan

Dear charlotte, could you send me the two as it will save me asking again later could you let me know when your serum and moisturiser is for sale. Thank you for the trouble you are taking it is a great product. Good Luck all the best for 2010.

Moira Cropp, Ryton, Tyne and Wear

Hi Charlotte

A big thank you to Nephria soap for saving me lots of money, I have used the jade soap for a number of years now and no longer need to buy cleanser, toner, or facial scrubs in fact if I was younger I believe I would not need moisturiser either.
From the first time I used the soap as a beauty product it, rejuvenated my skin and left it fresh and glowing immediately, but in the long term it has had many other benefits. I am often complimented on my skin and people think I am much younger than I am by 10 years and more which is a huge compliment not only to myself but also to your product. If I were asked to mark this product out of 10 I would give it 20. It is my best friend, it never lets me down, it saves me money and boosts my self esteem, what more could you ask from a beauty product.

I agree that the serum is excellent, I still love my soap and now I love the serum. You could see an instant brightness to my skin, even after using it for a short period of time it does what it says on the packet. I am very impressed, I believe like the soap you will gain even better results using it over a long period of time.

Thank you again Charlotte and Andrew it is always a pleasure to deal with you.

Best Wishes


Sue Stephenson

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you, Charlotte, could I say how wonderful your product is it has made a great difference to my skin and I truly would not like to have to do without it keep up the good work.

Thanks again Sue Stephenson

Mrs A Singlehurst

Please could you let me know when the cream and serum will be on sale. Been using the soap for a while now it is very good, thank you very much.


Moira Cleland

Hi Charlotte, firstly I want to thank you for sending a Nephria bar, it was extremely kind of you & a much appreciated gesture on your behalf so thanks again, myself and my son Jason still continue to use and enjoy it and he has commented on how his eyes do not nip now either, his skin is in great condition, I'm so glad we discovered Nephria when we did as I know it will stand Jason in good stead throughout his teenage years and all the skin changes that this entails. An update on Clare, she started using the bar on top of her legs and arms and hasn't had any noticeable irritations.

Thanks again & take care, Moira (Cleland).

Eileen Douglas

Hi Charlotte,

Hope all is well with you.
I am in receipt of my bars, which did come on Tuesday as you quite rightly advised me. Thank you.

I have also sent you this review, for your website.

'If you are looking for a good cleanser for the face and body, TRY THIS ONE!!!!!!
I can honestly say that this bar lives up to its name, '(Beauty Bar'). With continued daily use I noticed the following: a brighter, smoother, radiant, youthful complexion and I love the way my body feels totally cleansed after each usage. My only concerns (at first), were that it did leave my skin feeling tight, slightly sensitive and very dry. However, to solve that problem, I applied extra moisturizer to my skin and now 4 weeks later, I am back to using my original amount of moisturizer. Preservation is the key, you will not be disappointed. I can really see the beauty in my skin'.

Take Care!


Julie Bushnell

Hi I have recently purchased two Nephria bars one for me and one for my daughter who suffers very badly from psoriasis the beauty bar is wonderful and we are looking for a good moisturiser to complement the Nephria bar when finished bathing when is yours due for release and can I purchase in bulk as my daughter baths twice a day so we are getting through the beauty bars quite quickly every 5 weeks approximately?

Mrs G M Hawdon

I have just placed an order for my second beauty bar. I absolutely love it. My friend has commented on how glowing and young looking my face is. I am a young 63 year old. When are the other Nephria products available. I can't wait to try them. Just had to tell you how happy I am that I have found the beauty bar.


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Tracy Case

Hi Andrew and Charlotte,

Many thanks for your lovely email. One thing that really comes across is how genuine you both are and such nice people - sorry - I know the word 'nice' often makes people shudder, but it's meant as a real compliment. Too many people in the beauty business who come across a great product really spoil it by being too arrogant and then milking the product for all its worth. I work in marketing and are surrounded by 'falseness' all the time.

Keep up the GREAT work both of you and I can't wait for the serum.

If ever you decided to expand and you are considering taking on more staff - I am your girl. I love love love this product!!!

Very kind regards



Hi, I brought your Nephria soap bar, and I loved it, thank you.

Dawn Ross

The jade beauty bar is the most amazing beauty product that I have ever used, I am still on my first bar and friends have remarked on my skin, it feels and looks so smooth, I use it also in bath and shower, so simple and quick with amazing results. This is one product that I cannot be without.


Miss Linda Walsh

I have your jade beauty bar - which I really like.
I would say the Beauty Bar has made my complexion smoother and more even toned. It lasts a long time - my bar is used daily and doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!
I have tried many cleansers in the past, but just use the Beauty Bar now and would recommend it to anyone.

Can you let me know when the facial serum and moisturiser are going to be available please.



Joanna Greatwich

Hello Charlotte,

I love the beauty bar and about to pass this on to my sister tomorrow and get her to try it when she visits (her being a soap and water/ no make up girl one year older than me - as opposed to myself, who has tried every product going) .

Thank you

Joanna Greatwich

Jodie Paige

I ordered 2 of the bars from you. I am very pleased with the Nephria I think it is fantastic. After listening carefully to Charlotte I decided to try the Nephria Bar, I have to say at this point that I have very sensitive skin which burns and then turns into very inflamed red areas, I have found it extremely difficult finding anything at all that I can use.

The Nephria arrived, so I washed using it and prepared myself for the inevitable, (the burning sensation normally begins after about 10 minutes), I was so surprised when nothing happened I couldn't believe it.

I can't express my delight that I have at last found something that not only cleans my skin and exfoliates but also makes my skin feel so soft. The biggest difference however is just how lovely my skin is beginning to look. I cannot praise the Nephria highly enough, and I will use it always now, it is my MUST HAVE product.

Thank you Charlotte, you have my undying gratitude - never again am I going to have painful skin.

Thank you so much


Received my jade bar yesterday used it three times and can feel a difference already will keep you posted thanks for quick service.


Cherry Newberry

Good morning,

I first discovered Nephria when reading Woman magazine , who carried an article about the soap. I tried it and have never looked back. The soap is lovely to use, and has definitely made an improvement to my skin.

I would definitely recommend Nephria."

Cherry Hooper

Tracey Brunnen, Wiltshire

Hello Charlotte

I don't usually fall for TV selling channels telling me that I will look much younger/thinner/happier but there was something about the commitment shown by Charlotte and her partner that made me pick up the phone and order Nephria Beauty Bar. Within a week I noticed differences. Open pores were less open, skin had more tone and clarity. I was wearing less make-up and skin felt and looked more balanced. The bar itself is wonderfully creamy and delicious to use. I have used high end cosmetics and not had results. This beauty bar delivers in bundles and is nowhere near the price of other high end cosmetics. This will remain a staple in my regime and I cannot wait for more products to come out. I will be getting them all. I was also impressed by the personal approach - I left a message for Charlotte and she called me back later the same day. I cannot recall having a personal conversation with Estee Lauder. Get this bar - you will not regret it.

Hope you are well.


Tracy Brunnen

Lynda Clare

Have not used "soap" on my face for nearly 50 years so was somewhat sceptical in trying the new Nephria beauty bar. What a revelation! It is so pleasant to use and started improving the appearance of my skin within a few days, namely diminishing age spots and making my skin tone more even. No more lotions and toners as it does the job so expertly and will save me a fortune in the long run! It makes any existing moisturiser work more effectively and because the skin is already so soft, you need to use less.
It will certainly give the Beauty Industry a run for its money as it delivers immediate results with no false promises! There is absolutely nothing out there that achieves what this little miracle bar does, and believe me, I've tried them all!

Every success with your product and I hope it will soon be on sale in all beauty departments. It certainly deserves recognition as one of the major discoveries of the century! Well done!

Best wishes

Lynda Clare


Dear Charlotte and Andrew ,

O my goodness , you are so honest and I am so grateful for that , you've just made me 100 times even more excited to try the soap , haha , I wished other beauty companies was as heart warming and honest ,

I will let you know what I think ,

All my love


Vanessa Cunliffe

Hi Charlotte,

With regard to the Nephria beauty bar, I have been using this product for over 2 years and I use it still every day and evening as part of my cleansing routine. I have used other brands of face cleansing bars but have found this too harsh and drying for my skin. This bar is completely different, my face feels fresh and beautifully clean without any 'tightness' of the skin. However, the most noticeable difference I found is the softness of my skin after using it. I have not given any thought to using any other product to cleanse my face since using it - I can highly recommend this wonderful bar!

Best wishes



Dear Charlotte,

I have been using your wonderful bar of Nephria for the past twelve months and my skin is radiant. I am 68 years of age and had suffered from dry patches on my cheeks. The bar has made my skin so soft and I do have very sensitive skin so was amazed considering it contains a light perfume. I honestly think that my skin has never looked so good and people comment regularly how well I look. The bar really does everything you said it would and I cannot wait to use the serum.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,


Tracey Powell

Hi Charlotte

Many thanks for sending me the beauty bars last week, I can't do without them!!

I have been using the bars now for just over two years and my skin is fantastic. I have always been quite lucky with my skin, but since using the Jade bar my skin is virtually flawless. My skin does not appear to have aged at all in the last two years and I have no wrinkles on my face, even though I am a great sun worshipper!!

I am 43 and am regularly mistaken for someone 10-15 years younger - I am sure this is down to using the bar every day.
Whilst the bar may cost £20, because it lasts such a long time, it is better value than many other facial products I have used.

I can't wait until the other products, serum etc are ready. I will definitely be placing an order.

Thanks for all of your help


Educational Sales Manager

Frances Cash

Dear Charlotte, I first used your Nephria Beauty Bar some time ago. It is so creamy that I find I don't always need to use a moisturiser. I am an elderly lady and your soap has certainly made me feel and hopefully look a little younger.

Thank you for a wonderful product - I wouldn't be without it.


David Cash

Dear Charlotte ,

I just thought I'd write an email to let you know how much I like your Nephria Jade Beauty Bar. I've been using it regularly for a while now and I think it is a wonderful product. The bar has worked wonders for my skin and has certainly kept my acne at bay, reducing the number of spots I get. As a man I am not really into beauty products but it was recommended to me. It lasts for ages so is definitely worth the money. The other thing I use it for is shaving and it makes my skin so soft and I don't get a shaving rash with it.

Best wishes,

David Cash.

Mrs M Woodburn, Lancashire

I first started using Nephria Soap in 2006 to see if it would help reduce the drying effect I was left with after using ordinary soap.

I have always suffered from very dry skin and the uncomfortable tightness if I didn't use moisturiser immediately after washing, so this was my last chance having tried just about every other product on the market. I think I am probably allergic to most soaps and certainly soap powders

Within 4 days my skin had changed from red flaky patches, on my face especially, to smoother non itchy skin. My skin kept on improving over the next weeks and now is perfectly normal as long as I don't use other soaps. I use it on my body in the shower every day but the best thing of all is that the skin on my face seems to be so much smoother, which is an added bonus.

I have also used Nephria on my grandchildren when bathing. They tend to have dry skin on various parts of their bodies and the soap certainly made a difference. They do seem to be allergic to even baby soap and certainly bath and shower products.

I also can't believe how long the soap lasts. Perhaps it is because it is a very solid bar.

Thank you, Nephria. I feel great.

Carol Sellars

Nephria is the only soap I would ever consider using on my face. It has a creamy texture leaving my face feeling cleansed and moisturised. I have been using the soap for over 2 years and find it has been very beneficial to my dry skin. I have tried numerous products in the past but none have had such an excellent effect. I have even had people commenting how soft my skin is! I would certainly highly recommend this soap.

Carol Sellars, RGN DN

Janet Walker


Just a note to let you know that I have now been using your soap for 2 years and am able to say that it has certainly made a positive difference to my complexion (Jim agrees with this).
I previously always used a cleansing bar or foam as I prefer to wash my face rather than cleanse with cream and the Nephria (Jade Beauty Bar) leaves my skin feeling very fresh and smooth. It also cleanses extremely well and I no longer suffer from spots, which I used to occasionally.

I have a sensitive skin so have never been able to use any perfumed soap and find the Nephria soap causes me no problems.
I don't know what else to say - just that I really like using it and it does everything it claims.


Janet Walker

Sanet van Scheltinga

Hello Charlotte,

Well what can I say about the Nephria Jade Beauty Bar..... Its lovely, a great product. I love my Jade beauty bar and believe me I don't share it.
It clean your skin beautiful and everybody think I'm younger that my age!

No, honestly it is a great product and looking forward to all the new products. Keep up this good Beauty bar and the good work that u and your team doing and thanks for all the help that u and your husband giving when there is trouble to buy online.

Thanks a million for everything.



Andii David

I have been using Nephria Jade Beauty Bar for two and a half years and I absolutely love the product. It is the only cleanser I will use and trust to remove properly all impurities from my skin. I have noticed a substantial overall improvement to my skin tone and condition from using this beauty bar and enjoy it when people comment on how great my skin looks!! Fabulous, simple, easy to use skin-care!! Thank you!

Andii (Model) London

Carole Leyshon

Hi Charlotte,

I have always looked after my skin but now being 60 need to take even more care of it. I have been using the Jade Beauty Bar for over 2 years and my skin is so soft and fresh looking I get compliments about my age. I think it is so good that I now have my mother, daughter and two daughter in laws using it. What better promotion can that be ?

P.S. can't wait for the moisturiser to come out.

Kind regards


Ricky Glasgow

Hi Charlotte

I have been using my soap now for four weeks. What surprised me right away
was that it did not make my skin feel tight and pulled. Thought maybe it
was because where I live the water is very soft but when I visited away
there was no problem. My skin feels soft. I am, at my age, not expecting
miracles but it is good to be able to use soap and water. Face feels really


Rachele Gale

I've used the soap every morning and night since you've sent me it, which
was last Friday, and I have to say, I'm very impressed already!. My spots
haven't cleared up yet, but like you said they would probably get worse
before they get better, which they haven't; but I have found that my skin
feels a lot better, and it's definitely got more of a glow to it. A girl at my
work said my skin was looking very radiant and bright yesterday and I would
definitely put that down to the soap. I like what its doing at the

I'll let you know at the end of this week how it's still going.

Thank you again!

Elizabeth Falconer

Hi Charlotte

Many thanks indeed for sending my order so quickly.

I absolutely love it!!!! Think it will also save me a fortune on products!
I am delighted to let you know that I have continued to wash with the Nephria Beauty Bar and the dry patches on my nose have disappeared!
I actually wonder whether I was not rinsing it off properly as I was using a the shower attachment as it has a filter.

My skin looks better already and, thankfully, does not feel tight!
I only use mineral make up and it seems to take this off with just one application. Does this seem right?

My skin is looking better every day and feels so lovely and soft.
I didn't even get my usual pre period spots which is great!

Thanks again for a lovely product and great customer support.

Take care


Skye Alexander

Hi Charlotte

I have been using Nephria soap since reading an article about it in the newspaper quite some time ago. I suffer from Rosacea and although not a cure it has helped the appearance of my skin greatly. So much my son has now started to use it and in the words of a 15 year old " mum it really makes a difference" "

Kind regards


Victoria cooper

Dear Charlotte,

Mum has received the soap and has started to use it. She has said that her arms feel a lot smoother and, even though it is early days I'm sure it will benefit her. We will keep you informed of her progress.

Many thanks

Victoria Cooper.

Averil Buckland

Hi Charlotte,

Many thanks for an excellent service I'm on my second Nephria bar and it's unbelievable.
Keep up the good work it's such a precious beauty bar for face and body.

A very happy convert as it cuts down the beauty regime.

Sue Clegg

Nice to talk to you Charlotte at the weekend when I placed my new order with you.

I just want to saw a BIG THANK YOU for this wonderful product.
I am 53 with a past history of acne. My skin is still exceptionally oily, I have tried so many different products over the years.
A friend introduced me to the beauty bar and the effects were amazing. My skin looks so fresh and radiant. For the first time in years I feel I can leave my make up off with confidence.
I am hooked and wouldn't use anything else, and am now using the Serum which I can honestly say is better than any other ......Thank you.

Viv Birley, Whittlesey, Cambs.

Hi Charlotte & Andrew,

Firstly let me say a big thank you for your prompt processing of my 2 orders. I have been using the Jade beauty bar for just one week & my skin is FAB!!!. I have extremely sensitive skin & your product has not 'upset' it in anyway so this prompted me to order the Jade Serum.

I have always worn my hair with a full fringe as I am conscious of the lines on my forehead. These seem much less noticeable since using the Jade beauty bar so much so that I am now wearing my fringe 'wispy'!!!!.

Thanks a million for such an amazing product.


Thought I would let you know that my problem with the skin irritation after using the Nephria has now fully resolved itself. In fact, my skin has never looked better and I really look forward to my cleansing routine. I've been telling all my friends about it and mentioned that it was going to be aired on Ideal World soon but I couldn't remember the show date. Can you enlighten me please?

My bathroom is also benefiting from my discovery as I have eliminated so many lotions and potions! No longer have to use scrubs and exfoliation products and I am out of there in record time!

Love to hear how you're getting on with your venture.

Best wishes


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Glenys Hawdon

Hi Charlotte and Andrew,

I re-ordered the Nephria Jade Serum today. I have been using the serum since the beginning of May and still have loads left but did not want to leave it until last minute to re-order and find that there is no stock available.
I have been using the Nephria Beauty Bar for about 2 years and absolutely love it. I found it hard at first not to think of it as being a bar of soap. It is a toner, cleanser and exfoliator all in one. I use it twice a day (morning and night). My skin feels soft and smooth. I have used the serum since May this year, you only need two or three drops it goes a long way.
On 18th May I went on holiday to Egypt as I do every year. The temps were in the mid 40s to 50s so very hot. I took my serum with me. I always get dry lips and cold sores as soon as I get out in the sun and expected the same to happen this time. I was amazed and delighted when no cold sores or dry lips appeared. I always smooth the serum over my lips. I can only think it was because of the serum. I cannot wait for the moisturizer to come out later this year. It will be the perfect skin care combination.
The serum has the most lovely perfume. This can be your next project Charlotte Nephria Jade perfume. I also ordered the Jade Roller today, cant wait to try it. Will let you know my comments on it.

Best Wishes, Glenys Hawdon

Angie Crane, Thetford, Norfolk

Hi Both,

Just a quick note to advise I am really pleased with the Serum.
After a couple of days I noticed a tightening affect (even around the eyes) and my skin tone looks clearer and just a very nice feel.
Also the creepiness on the neck appears better.

I may even get my partner to try it.

Best regards

Natalie McVeigh

Hi Charlotte,

I now have my mother who lives in America and some of her friends totally addicted to Nephria! It seems that you have broken into The Bible Belt!!

Warmest regards


Judy Durant in the USA

Dear Andrew and Charlotte,

I have used Lancôme products since I was 18 years old. I came home for my yearly visit to the U.K. and my daughter gave me as part of my 62nd birthday present a Jade Beauty Bar and Nephria Jade Serum. I used the serum straight away. I have never used soap on my face so I was very reluctant, but persuaded by my daughter to try something new. I was so pleased. As we get older our skin changes and so should we, this product is superb and has truly surprised me.

Many thanks

Judy D

Ms D Jeffs, Aylesbury

I have suffered with bad skin for all of my life apart from when I have been taking strong medication prescribed by my doctor.

When I started chemotherapy, my skin became even worse which was when I was recommended Nephria by a friend.

I have to say that my skin has never felt so good or been so clear! The biggest testimonial for me was when I ran out of Nephria, my bad skin returned! I will not be running out again!

It really is the most amazing product I have ever come across and it lasts for such a long time - it is incredible value for money!

Eileen Douglas

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for responding to my e-mail, as quick as you have done.

Having received my bars only this week and using it that same night, I definitely noticed a remarkable difference then and there, my skin looked brighter, more radiant and felt supple, and I am hoping with continued use, my skin would excel with beauty.

I cannot tell you how excited I am, in looking forward to using 'Nephria' serums and lotions, hoping that they also will give just as good results or even better, than the bar. Please, please, please, inform me by e-mail of the launch of the serums and lotions, as I do not want to miss out.

Best wishes!


Laura Picton

I love the beauty bar. Now that I know it does not contain any detergents like an ordinary soap bar I will use it as a facial cleanser as well. Thank you again, I know how busy you both are and I wish you both success. I am going to phone my brother and friends and let them know about this amazing beauty bar. Please keep airing the product and never stop producing it.


Suzanne Mansfield

My mum recently gave me a bar of your Nephria soap, which I love to pieces. When I first used the body bar I started using it on my 9yr old son who happened to have a skin complaint which there isn't really a cure for, it just had to run its course according to the doctor...I washed my son with the body bar no more than 3 times...and his complaint had gone!!! I'd like to think it was due to your product.
And as it happens I am halfway through my bottle of serum of which I also love using.

I've only got all good things to say about your products, I adore them.

Suzanne Mansfield...a Nephria convert.

Sarah Dalby

Thought I had better write and let you know how I am getting on with the Serum.

Been using this now for just over a month. The Jade soap is exceptional in making you feel wonderful and sexy (as I use it all over my body), but the serum is something else...... It's a shame you can't use this all over.

When I apply the serum to my face it makes my skin feel like very fine velvet or silk. I'm not sure if it's reduced my wrinkles as I think it's too early, but who cares when you feel this wonderful.

Congratulations in producing this product at an affordable price.

Sarah Dalby

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Angie Crane

Hi Charlotte,

Can I just say that I am still so very pleased with your products.....all I do now is wash with the Beauty Bar at night and put nothing else on my skin. Wash with it again in the morning and then apply the Serum.
Had lots of compliments from friends I don't see often like "your skin looks positively glowing", or your skin looks very radiant (at 59 is a real compliment).
Even a neighbour commented in the Summer that my skin looked amazing and what was I using. I told her if there were any offers on I would let her know too.

The nice thing using your products is that I never get break-outs or dry patches anymore. My skin has always been good for my age, but can honestly say that this is the best stuff I have ever used.

Look forward to hearing from and hoping your business is still flourishing, you deserve it.

Best regards,

Angie Crane

Denise Kirkham

Hello Charlotte and Andrew,
I came across your products by accident and ordered the Nephria Beauty Bar and Serum. I have suffered from poor skin all my adult life and I'm now 52 years old. I have a very oily skin with open pores and prone to breakout's. I have tried most products on the market, including the expensive ones but none have worked so well and so quickly as Nephria. It felt like a was washing in silk and I had an improvement in my skin within days.
I have been using the products for about 2 months now and I'm still on my first beauty bar and serum. I have not had any problems since I started to use your products and would recommend them to anyone.
Thank you for Nephria and I look forward to the launch of the new moisturiser.

Best regards


Antonia Mariconda

Hi Charlotte,

Nephria products are beautiful and luxurious and fit for the bathroom of any queen, leaving you feeling heavenly. They are a definite beauty must have.

Antonia Mariconda
Health and Beauty Journalist

Jean Woodcock

Dear Charlotte and Andrew,

I am writing to thank you for bringing Nephria to us. For the first time since I was 17 years old and now I am over 70 I have been able to go out without make up on. I have tried every kind of face wash over the years and spent a great deal of money. I bought your Beauty Bar a week ago and in a matter of days my skin is better than it has ever been. Thank you, I only wish I could have used it years ago.

Please don't stop selling it, now I have found your products. Thank you once again. I am about to phone your office to buy more.

All the very best wishes for the future and God bless,

Jean Woodcock

Harriet Patey

Hi Charlotte,

The cream arrived this morning and I can't wait to try it tonight. Unable to wait I put a little on my left hand and now I won't be able to wash it for the rest of the day! The skin on my hand is noticeably plump and smooth and the fragrance is very light and exotic.

I love the jar it is so pretty and really oriental looking, reminds me a bit of a little Chinese doll. I will let you know when I have used the cream, but first impressions are 'how on earth are you going to keep this in stock?!'

All the best to you both,

Kind regards,

Harriet Patey

Mrs Woodburn, Lancashire

Dear Andrew and Charlotte,

Thank you for your prompt delivery of the new Nephria Activating Cream.

I only realised you had this new product in stock a few days ago after a friend who is also a customer of yours told me that she had already received her supply and was already using the cream. She rang me to tell me how fantastic it was and had I got mine. I ordered it that day, Friday, and it was delivered on the Monday.

As you know I have been using the Beauty Bar and Serum for 2-3 years and can't speak highly enough of both, but this is something extra special.

The Activating Cream adds a different texture to the skin, it feels like a layer of satin. The cream is very rich and a small amount slides on the skin so easily there is no dragging whatsoever. I have been using the cream for just over one week now and can already feel and see the difference. I have used it as a night cream over the serum and alone as a day cream and both ways work perfectly and it goes such a long way.

Thank you again from me, your products never let me down.

Best wishes to the Nephria Team

Mrs Woodburn. Lancashire, UK

Christine Bushey

Hi Charlotte & Andrew,

I have been with you from the start and have never looked back. You deliver so quickly and so do your products. I always become excited each time I open your parcel as they look so well presented and smell so fragrant. Well done you two all the best for the future look forward to speaking to you again, nice to have that personal touch too.

Bless you,

Christine Bushey

Christine Harbin

Dear Charlotte,

I have been using the serum and the Activating cream, the cream is so lovely and thick and stays on the skin, I can honestly say my skin feels fabulous even my daughter who always passing comments about face creams was very impressed. Guess I shall be ordering more for presents and Christmas.

Regards and thanks

Christine Harbin

Modesty Brown

Dear Andrew,

I have been using the bar and serum for about a week now and I find the bar pleasant to use. It has a lovely creamy foam and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. I haven't suffered any breakouts but I have had slight redness appear between my chin and mouth. It is an area of my face that is prone to irritation and I will just keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

I have found the serum nice to use. It is quite different to the other serums I have used as it isn't an oil base.

Kind regards,

Modesty Brown

Naz Khan

Dear Charlotte,

I have been using the Jade Soap and Serum for just over 2 months, initially in the first 10 days I had a slight overproduction of oil and a few breakouts but after this period my skin has become so soft, smooth and glowing. Family and friends, even colleagues have been asking how come I look younger. My skin doesn't feel oily or dry its really comfortable and fresh looking as well.

I will definitely continue using these fantastic products and hope they will always be around.

On top of that I would also like to mention the outstanding customer service I have received and even a free Bar to try out - what more could I ask for?

It is really lovely to be able to personally speak with the owners of Nephria and ask whatever questions you may have - of which I had many and Charlotte has always given her time freely.

Thank you for everything and wish you a prosperous:-)


Naz Khan
Change Analyst

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Sue Blackhurst

Hi Andrew and Charlotte

I wanted to send you a quick note to say how delighted I am with the new activating cream. As you know I am already an avid fan and user of the bar and serum so I did wonder if the moisturiser would live up to the hype. I have to say it is the best in the range.

My order was waiting for me when I returned from a 2 week summer holiday, where the sun had left my skin feeling very tight and particularly dry. I used the activating cream immediately, it was so rich in texture and it didn't evaporate the moment it hit my skin. It was absorbed beautifully and left my skin feeling soft and supple for the whole day, and without any greasiness! After just 1 week my skin texture feels better than ever and my make up stay in place all day!

Thank you so much and I'm already looking forward to further products in the range.

Kind Regards

Sue Blackhurst

Angela J. Real.

Dear Charlotte & Andrew,

I am emailing to let you know how much I love your new moisturising cream. It is very rich and really hydrates the skin and I speak as a grandmother well into her 60s. My complexion feels smooth and velvety from just three weeks of using it. One can only describe the cream as exquisite, it does exactly what it says on the jar. Your products take pride of place on my dressing table, beauty bar, serum, and now the moisturising cream. I must congratulate you on the beautiful packaging of all your products.

Well done to both of you. I know this new product will be a success.

Best wishes,

Angela J. Real

Amanda Hind

I think I started using the Jade Beauty Bar back in 2005. Back then I had skin that was both dry & oily. Since using this Bar my skin has taken on a new resolution, I'd now say it was perfect, it feels so smooth & silky, I no longer need to cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise my skin. It also makes your skin feel firmer. I didn't think I could be anymore impressed with this product until I decided to try it out on my 15 month old daughter who was dairy sensitive as it made her break out in eczema. WOW within a couple of days the eczema had completely cleared up and since then we haven't looked back, she is now able to eat any dairy products with no eczema.
I would highly recommend using Nephria Jade Beauty Bar I'm sure you won't be disappointed, I can't imagine using anything else ever on both myself & my daughter. I'd say give it a go. I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I am.


Natalie M

Hi Charlotte!

I just *had* to write you regarding the Jade Activating Cream I bought recently!
It's absolutely amazing - I don't think I've ever used anything that makes my skin feel so soft - even after a whole day!
What a find!! I won't be using anything else on my skin ever again - you now have a customer for life!
I shall definintely be sending a pot over to my Mum in the States for Christmas!

I passed on the web address to a friend of mine today and I can't stop talking about it whenever people mention face creams!!

I don't think that you *can* compare it to others to be honest! It sits on it's own elite cloud :-)))


Kelsey E, age 19

"I've been using Nephria for just under a year now. My skin was prone to acne breakouts and I had used so many prescription medicines (tablets and topical creams) prescribed by the GP that would work for a certain amount of time and then my skin would be back to the red and sore condition. I was then transferred onto a Dermatologist at the hospital who put me on stronger stuff (with more side effects) and none of these worked either. I used to cover up my skin with foundation to look better, but this would then make it worse and it would be a vicious circle. I also had eczema on my arms and behind my knees. However, after using Nephria, all this has now cleared up. I no longer feel the need to wear makeup to cover the redness of my skin and I generally feel so much more confident. My skin is softer and more supple, with an even skin tone. If I stop using Nephria for any reason, my skin returns back to its original state (although not quite as bad) so I know that the products are working. It also feels so great on the skin, and doesn’t feel like it is 'suffocating' your skin. After using the Serum, Soap Bar and the Activating Cream I know for a fact I won’t turn back to any of the 'bog standard' products you can get from Boots/Superdrug etc. Amazing products and definitely worth a try!"

Thank you,


Harriet Patey

Hello Andrew and Charlotte,

My order arrived yesterday, thank you so much. It was good to talk to you Andrew and I really appreciate the time you took.

Many brands offer the consumer ‘skin care’ but only Nephria, in my view, actually cares for my skin unpacking my Nephria is like welcoming good friends. My Nephria skin care would definitely have to go with me to a desert island!

I hope all goes well for you both in Switzerland and with Nephria.

Kind regards,


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